Plant Tour

KNITTING Department:
Knitting Department is equipped with  State of the art machinery of latest technology to manufacture a variety sports and casual socks in Real Heel, Pouch Heel, Y-Heel & Tube socks in basic and as well as the fancy socks.
Company Cylinder Cylinder dia Needles Qty
Lonati Single 5" 84 34
Lonati Single 4" 108 64
Lonati Single 4" 120 08
Lonati Single 3 .75" 132 10
Lonati Single 3.75" 144 14
Lonati Single 3.75 200 10


Toe Closing department:
Stitching Department comprises with latest Linking and Over lock machines under the efficient control of qualified professionals, the Stitching Department consist of 6-Overlock machines of PEGASUS brand and 3 linking machines of Conti Complet.
Washing Department:
A fully computerized imported “Braun” which not only wash the products but also its automatic system hydro and dry the product. We have also locally produced manually washing machines to fulfill our requirement.
Description Qty
Computerized Braun machine 01
Manual Washing Machine 03
Hydro 04
Tumble dry 04



Boarding Department:
Boarding Department consist of advanced model of Semi-Automatic socks press plant series with distinguish features for heavy production. The specially designed digital control systems of machines help us to control the heat of press according to the socks pressing requirement to get the desired result.

Packing Department:
Packing Department includes quality checking, pairing/bundling, polybag and carton packing.  Each piece of product is checked for defects before proceeding with packing & it is the responsibility of packing department is to ensure that a high quality product is safely packaged according to the specified packaging. Sealing machines and heat transfer machines help the packers in value addition to the product as per customer demand.